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Day Spa Marketing & SEO

Get More Leads & Generate More Revenue Today!

We help day spas generate leads through a comprehensive online marketing strategy that includes

  • Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Google & Bing Ads Management

  • Google My Business Optimization

  • Social Media & Email Campaign Marketing

What Business Owners Are Saying About Our Day Spa Marketing Service

Spa marketing is where LocalisedSEO excels, helping day spas and medical spas grow in the wellness industry. Owners from leading spas praise our spa marketing services for transforming their businesses. With our tailored strategies, these spas have enjoyed significant benefits: enhanced brand awareness, a surge in new clients, and a stronger online presence. Our dedication to crafting effective marketing strategies for spas is evident in their success stories, showcasing our unwavering commitment to business growth.

Choose from Our Day Spa Marketing and SEO Packages

Spa marketing packages at LocalisedSEO cater to the distinct needs of both everyday spas and medical spas. Whether you’re launching a new spa or aiming to grow an established one, we offer solutions tailored to your goals.

Each spa marketing package is designed to elevate your digital presence and draw in your ideal clients. Our marketing experts collaborate with you to develop a custom plan that aligns with your business objectives.

$499.00 / month and a $500.00 sign-up fee
  • Website Hosting
  • Plugin Updates
  • Website Security
  • Ongoing SEO
  • GMB Optimization
  • 2 GMB Posts Per Month
  • Up to 3 Hours of SEO/Revisions
$699.00 / month and a $300.00 sign-up fee
  • Website Hosting
  • Plugin Updates
  • Website Security
  • Ongoing SEO
  • GMB Optimization
  • 1 Free Google Email
  • 2 GMB Posts Per Month
  • Up to 8 Hours of SEO/Revisions


  • Local SEO Citations
  • Facebook Posting
  • Google Ads / Bing Ads Management
$1,098.00 / month and a $1.00 sign-up fee
  • Free Website
  • Website Hosting
  • Plugin Updates
  • Website Security
  • Ongoing SEO
  • GMB Optimization
  • 1 Free Google Email
  • 4 GMB Posts Per Month
  • Up to 12 Hours of SEO/Revisions


  • Local SEO Citations
  • Email Remarketing
  • Graphic & Asset Design
  • Facebook Posting
  • Business Automation
  • Google / Bing Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • 1 Monthly Blog

How to Get Started

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Schedule a call below so we can learn about your goals, your company and how we can help you generate more revenue

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Sign up today right from our online portal and initiate your monthly services with our team

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We’ll be in close contact with you to get your services set up, input on your new web design and create your long-term marketing plan

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Localised SEO Website Designs

Spa website design is a specialty at LocalisedSEO, where we create beautiful, functional sites that highlight your services and simplify online booking. Our team emphasizes showcasing your unique offerings and encouraging customer reviews through carefully crafted content.

Our spa website designs not only look stunning but also rank highly in Google search results, making it easier to attract potential clients. For any day spa or medical spa, a user-friendly, visually appealing website is essential. We ensure your site is both ADA compliant and optimized for speed, providing fast, accessible, and excellent user experiences.

Why Your Day Spa May Need Local SEO!

Local SEO is essential for spas to stand out in the competitive wellness market. It ensures your spa appears in local search results when potential clients look for nearby wellness services. This strategy is perfect for reaching new customers searching for spa services in your area.

Optimizing your Google Business profile and creating engaging, relevant site content are key aspects of our approach. By focusing on these elements, we help attract clients who are ready to book their first visit. Investing in local SEO positions your spa as the top choice in your community, driving more business and ensuring you stand out.

LocalisedSEO Was Made For You – Here’s Why

At LocalisedSEO, we understand the unique needs of the spa industry, including both day spas and medical spas. Our team has years of experience crafting marketing strategies for spa businesses that resonate with the wellness sector. We know how to build a brand that appeals to clients seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. We focus on effective ways to promote your services and keep clients returning through loyalty programs, exclusive discounts, and gift cards. Our expertise in digital marketing for spas makes it easy for your spa to shine and grow in the competitive market. Our ads management and marketing tactics ensure your spa is always ahead of the competition.

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Designed with You in Mind

Affordable & Customizable

Our goal is to help you jumpstart your new or exisiting business with an affordable and customizable marketing and SEO plan that meets your budget and helps your company grow!

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5-Star Rated

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch marketing & SEO services. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every interaction you have with us meets and exceeds your expectations.

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Reach More Customers

Our team, comprised of seasoned SEO experts, employs cutting-edge strategies to elevate your online presence. We stay ahead of the ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring your business stands out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Day Spa SEO & Marketing

How does SEO help my spa attract new clients?

SEO improves your visibility on search engines like Google, making it easier for potential clients to find your spa. Your spa attracts more visits and bookings by ranking higher in local searches.

Can LocalisedSEO help with social media marketing for spas?

Yes! We offer comprehensive social media marketing strategies, including creating engaging posts, managing your profiles, and using platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote your services. Our social media management services help you connect with your target audience and encourage them to share their experiences.

What makes LocalisedSEO different from other marketing agencies?

We specialize in the spa and wellness industry, offering tailored solutions that align with your business goals. Our team’s deep understanding of the market ensures we provide strategies that work for your spa. From word-of-mouth marketing to appointment scheduling, we cover all aspects to boost your customer base.

How do I start with LocalisedSEO’s services?

Contact us to discuss your needs. We’ll recommend the best package for your spa and guide you through the process to get started. Our marketing company will help you develop a digital marketing campaign that drives results.

Is SEO an ongoing process, or is it a one-time effort?

SEO is an ongoing process. Search engines continually update their algorithms, and your competitors are constantly vying for higher rankings. To maintain and improve your day spa’s online presence, regular SEO efforts are necessary to adapt to changing trends, monitor performance, and stay ahead of the competition.

How can I optimize my website for Google?

Optimizing your website for Google involves several key steps. These include keyword research and integration related to spa services, creating high-quality, relevant content about your spa offerings, optimizing meta tags, ensuring mobile-friendliness, improving page load speed, and building high-quality backlinks.

A professional SEO agency like LocalisedSEO can help you with these tasks to enhance your day spa’s visibility on Google.

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